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For those that do not have a true understanding of the logo, this logo represents a rebellion against those we have come across that felt comfortable enough to tell US that “It's not going to work”, or “try something else”. Individuals who have placed a limit on what YOUR capabilities are. Individuals whom can't do what you do, but are quite fine with informing you of your creative future.

This logo represents diversity in every aspect of creativity. It is intended to embrace those who have the fire, the drive, and motivation to present something new to a regurgitated world of information in REAL time (socially, visually, and mentally).

This logo is a movement collectively, for us. 

The flag of this logo represents freedom...
creative freedom.

This logo represents individuals who've been told “you can't”. 

I myself, represent the Art, the Music, the Movement.

                                                                                            -Kerosene Bill

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